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since 1931


March 2019 Concert

Programme Notes

Poet and Peasant Overture – Franz von Suppé
Piano Concerto No.5 – Ludwig van Beethoven
– Soloist – Harry Fox
Symphony No.2 – Charles Ives



Programme Notes

Bryan on Charles Ives’ Second Symphony

Listen to this interview with our Conductor and Musical Director, Bryan Western, on why he loves this symphony, and why he has been itching to perform it with an orchestra for over 30 years!

Bryan’s the first to admit that, when the name Ives comes up, many people just go ‘Ooooouch!’  They’ve heard a bit of Ives – maybe a bit of his most performed piece, The Unanswered Question, and written him off as a rather discordant contemporary composer.  But Bryan insists, “The second symphony is just not like that!  There are so many wonderful tunes, all woven together, different keys, different rhythms; it’s quirky, it’s experimental, it’s just fantastic.”

Sat 16 March 2019 7:30pm