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Winter Concert 2019

This wonderful evening features music from Mozart, Brahms and Tchaikovsky, including the return of one of our favourite guest soloists, violinist Bartosz Woroch.

The programme includes:

  • Overture from the Magic Flute
  • Violin Concerto
    Soloist – Bartosz Woroch
  • Symphony No. 6 (op74 – ‘Pathetique’)


Programme Notes

Here are some snippets from the programme notes from this concert, to tickle your fancy. Want to read more? Come and join us at the Royal Hall!

The Magic Flute was premiered in 1791 with Mozart conducting, and to great success, in time becoming Mozart’s most-performed opera.  But Mozart never knew: he died two months after the première.

Brahms was primarily a symphonist, and all his concertos are ‘designed’ symphonically, rather than simply as pieces for a soloist with orchestral accompaniment.  This doesn’t mean his concertos have the solemnity of his symphonies: they don’t – there are many fun, dance-like sequences, for example in the finale of this violin concerto.  It’s just that a symphonic approach offers deeper levels to enjoy, and it’s apparent in the multiple ways in which themes and rhythms are developed and combined.

The 6th Symphony was Tchaikovsky’s last – and the most well-known.  Modeste, Tchaikovsky’s younger brother, suggested the title Pathétique: or, rather, he suggested a Russian word, patetichesky, meaning ‘impassioned suffering’.

Sat 16 November 2019 7:30pm


Royal Hall, Ripon Road, Harrogate, UK